Growing up on Cape Cod, the natural world informed how and what I saw as beautiful ; the ocean, fog, sand and horizon. 


Once I figured out how to capture it through photography, I went on to work in painting, sculpture, ceramics, art from found materials and mixed media, always returning to photography and painting for grounding. 


I studied Studio Art  and Art History at The University of Vermont and eventually joined corporate life, painting on the side.

When the pandemic hit, I rented a studio overlooking a New England river and finally devoted myself to painting; every day is spent looking out the window at the light and water.


I've exhibited across the United States and in Europe, winning a couple prizes along the way.


My non-representational, colorist  work is comprised of layers of acrylic paint, metal leaf, crayon and ink on canvas; they glow from the inside, emitting a light and energy from a now long-gone moment in time.

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