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Non-representational art has always inspired me; I am a colorist who's work relies on the power of color to navigate the visual conversation. Color is the structure that dictates the composition of my paintings.

For over thirty-five years, my work has been a constantly moving target, developing and shifting as I’ve moved around the country, started a family and experienced moments in my life which have impacted me both as a woman and a painter.

In 2022 I was awarded an Artist in Residence in Arezzo, Italy. My canvases relied on the texture and color of local terra cotta, while adding the warm, rich tones that only genuine gold can bring. This series consisted of layered terracotta, acrylic paint, metal and gold leaf. They are deceptively simple in composition, while bringing complexity through layering of materials and textures; each piece is left to the interpretation of the viewer to understand and create a personal connection.

My most recent untitled series strips all of that away and gets back to my roots; unprimed canvas which allows color to speak for itself. Inspired by the end of Autumn and the coming of Stick Season in Northern New England, this series is as start as it is vibrant; this work is about the boldness or delicacy of brush stroke in combination with visual balance.

My work has been shown across the United States and Europe.
I live in Northern New England with my wife. 

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