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     As a colorist, non-representational art has always been my guiding inspiration. For over thirty-five years, I have relied on the power of color to navigate visual conversations and dictate the composition of my paintings. My work has been a constantly moving target, evolving and transforming as I've traversed the country, started a family, and experienced pivotal moments that have profoundly impacted me as a woman and a painter.


     In 2022, I was honored with an Artist in Residence opportunity in Arezzo, Italy, significantly influencing my artistic direction. The canvases I created during this period drew upon the rich texture and warm hues of local terracotta, enhanced by the luxurious tones only genuine gold leaf can provide. This series, characterized by layered terracotta, acrylic paint, metal, and gold leaf, presents a deceptively simple composition that reveals its complexity through the intricate interplay of materials and textures. Each piece is an open invitation for the viewer to interpret and forge a personal connection.


     My most recent untitled series marks a return to my roots, stripping away the elaborate layering and allowing color to speak for itself on unprimed canvas. Inspired by the shifting light and colors in Northern New England, this series embodies both boldness and delicacy through the interplay of brush strokes and visual balance. As I continue to explore the limitless possibilities of color and composition, I invite viewers to engage with my paintings on a deeply personal level, creating their own narratives and emotional connections.


     Throughout my career, my work has been exhibited across the United States and Europe, and I currently reside in Northern New England with my wife.

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